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ADC's cohort since 2017 transitioned to the nation’s top colleges and universities such as MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Duke, UPenn, Middlebury and many more. The first cohort averaged approximately $175,000 in grants and scholarship per student. The 2018 cohort has taken incredible steps, matriculating to colleges such as Harvard, Caltech, NYU Abu Dhabi, Swarthmore and many others. Through the provision of a robust and personalized guidance, we help students convey their portfolios holistically to targeted colleges and universities.


The 2019 cohort has committed to schools like Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, Dartmouth, The University of Chicago and many more. The 2020 cohort has committed to schools like Yale, Columbia, Brown, Middlebury, Cornell, UPenn and more. Similarly, the 2021 and 2022 classes have committed to Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia and other impressive colleges. Local DC, Maryland and Virginia colleges have also been destinations for ADC scholars.


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